Custom Millwork

Clark’s operates a complete industrial millwork facility onsite. Our mill operations are overseen by Vejdi Avsar, who comes with unique training and experience. He studied in London for 4 years at the City and Guilds Advanced Craft Furniture Making program. After moving to the U.S. in the early 1990s, he established his own successful fine furniture making business, and also built houses.


Vejdi has very high standards for precision in his craftsmanship, and his meticulous approach is reflected in the top-quality products manufactured in our mill. “Good enough” is not good enough at Clark’s.


Our custom millwork capabilities include S4S, S2S1E, S2S, S1E, mouldings, gang rip, radius millwork and sanding. We stock a large selection of S4S and S2S1E lumber, but if you need dimensions other than what we already have available, we can easily make it for you.


Our moulding, siding and flooring library includes over 2000 profiles, and we can match virtually any profile not already in the library. Select one of our profiles, or bring us your own, and we will make moulding precisely matching it.


Clark’s has two moulders for a quick turnaround time, and a four head, wide-belt sander capable of finish sanding projects up to a 43” width. Our experienced millwork staff has over 65 years of professional woodworking and industrial milling experience working with all species of lumber. You won’t find higher quality milled lumber products than those made here at Clark’s.

  • S1E – Straight Line Rip One Edge
  • S2S – Surface Two Sides
  • S2S1E – Surface Two Sides and One Edge
  • S4S – Surface All Four Sides
  • Sanding
  • Moulding – run to your pattern and specs
  • Cut-to-Length
  • Rip-to-Width
  • Resaw
  • Shaper Work
  • Radius

We provide custom wood milling and architectural millwork for a wide range of projects and customers, including;

  • Building Contractors
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Furniture Builders
  • Master Carpenters
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Remodelers
  • Do-It-Yourself