Wood Slabs of the Month

Spalted Pecan Slab


We are featuring two wood slabs this month, both of equal uniqueness and character.

The first, a Southern original, Pecan that is not only figured, but Spalted in many areas as well. The grain boasts deep chocolate contrast and subtle black and grey patterns. It’s 3″ x 28″ – 8’6″, much larger than your average slab. This will be available for 20% off of retail price, which was $1995.00.

Our second slab of the month is the exotic Katalox, which hails from Central America. It is most commonly used throughout the Yucatan for tables and chairs due to its durability and denseness. This wood has a deep brown, and sometimes, hints of violet that give Katalox its unique aesthetic. The slab we have in store is 2″x 18″x 88″ and will be available for 20% off retail price, at $995.00. (sold)

We hope you will enjoy these pieces as much as we do!


Katalox Slab