Our “Wood of the Month” is mesquite, Prosopis glandulosa, also know as honey mesquite. Mesquite is found throughout the more arid regions of the American Southwest, with the highest concentrations found in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The tree is small to medium in stature, with a short trunk and crooked limbs; this accounts for the short and narrow boards that the tree normally yields. The lumber also has many natural defects, e.g. cracks, knots, ingrown bark, etc. When incorporated into projects, these natural defects evoke the rugged and wild regions of the wood’s origin. 

Mesquite is hard and heavy. It has a rich, light brown color with a reddish cast that is somewhat reminiscent of genuine mahogany. The wood’s figure ranges from straight to wavy and it works well with both machine and hand tools, but there is a noticeable blunting effect on cutting surfaces. The wood finishes well and is extremely stable in use, more stable in fact than almost all other hardwoods. Mesquite is prized for many high end uses, including flooring, furniture, gun stocks, knife handles and decorative turnings. 

We were recently able to make a special purchase of a small quantity of very nice Texas mesquite and we are passing our cost savings on to our customers. We have 400 board feet of 4/4 that we have milled S2S1E to 3/4″. We are selling this material at $19.70/board foot. We have 200 board feet of 8/4 that we have milled S2S1E to 1-3/4″. We are selling this material for $22.30/board foot. Both sale prices reflect a 30% savings off of our regular book prices of $28.15/board foot for the surfaced 4/4 and $31.90/board foot for the surfaced 8/4. This is beautiful material so come give it a look see before its gone.