Wood of the Month: American Cherry

Heirloom Rocker in cherry and leather by Fine Wooden Interiors


Our current “Wood of the Month” is American cherry, Prunus serotina, also know as black cherry. American cherry is one of the premier North American hardwoods. It grows throughout the eastern part of the United States with the largest concentration and best quality lumber coming out of New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It’s heartwood varies in color from a light reddish-brown to a deep red. The sapwood ranges in color from whitish to a creamy pink. The wood has straight grain and a fairly fine, even texture. It works well with both hand tools and machine tools. It holds screws and nails well, glues easily and takes stains and polishes to an excellent finish. Exposure to light can darken the wood to an almost mahogany like color. 

American cherry is prized for fine cabinet and furniture making, quality joinery, pattern making, tobacco pipes and it is sliced for high-end decorative veneers for cabinets and panels.

We have recently received a truckload of top grade American cherry from Pennsylvania that has been selected for 90/90 color, which means a minimum of 90% heartwood on both faces or not more than 10% sapwood on either face. This is ultra-premium American cherry coming from the best growing region for this species, with all but the best boards having been culled out and shipped to a less discriminating lumberyard! 

We have saved the best news for last; we are putting a unit of this material on sale! We have milled a bundle of this 4/4, 90/90 American cherry on 2 sides and 1 edge (S2S1E) to 3/4″ and we are offering it to you for $4.55/board foot. This price is good until this one bundle of approximately 1,000 board feet lasts. Our regular price for 4/4 American cherry is $5.20/board foot rough sawn and $6.10/board foot surfaced S2S1E to 3/4″. Our sale price represents a savings of over 25% compared to our everyday price. This is beautiful wood, and as always, it won’t be around for long.


Bundle of 90/90 Cherry – Wood of the Month


Top photo: Heirloom Rocker in cherry and leather by Fine Wooden Interiors