Snakewood Is In the House!

After months of waiting, our shipment of snakewood has finally arrived, and if I may say so myself, the wait has not been in vain.  This snakewood, which is being offered on a strictly first come, first served basis, is absolutely beautiful. I’m talking about the best, most highly figured snakewood you will ever find anywhere. Snakewood is not the least expensive wood that we inventory but it is the rarest and most valuable by far.

Why you ask is it so rare and so valuable? First of all, snakewood is a very small tree, with mature trees having a diameter of just 6-8″. The second reason is that snakewood grows deep within the jungles of Guyana and Suriname, where it is cut and hauled out by hand across streams and through snake infested jungles to the specialty saw mills which are set up to handle these small, precious logs. Finally, the yield on snakewood logs is dismally low, with only a tiny fraction of each log being clean, clear, and usable for the woodturner or woodworker. This analysis doesn’t even address the small percentage of usable snakewood that is actually highly figured!

So there you have it. If you find yourself in need of a strikingly beautiful wood for inlay material, knife handles, pistol grips, pool cue butts, violin bows, or any other specialty turned objects, consider Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co. and our newly arrived snakewood for these needs. A cane made of snakewood is considered the aristocrat of canes and yes, we do have snakewood cane blanks in stock and ready for you.

Snakewood cane blanks and inlay material