The Accoya wood production process takes sustainably-sourced, fast growing softwood and, using a non-toxic process, creates a new durable, beautiful product

Accoya in stock (all FSC-certified)


4/4 x 6”     A-1 Rough
4/4 x 8″     A-1 Rough
5/4 x 6”     A-1  Rough
6/4 x 6”     A-1  Rough
6/4 x 8”     A-1  Rough
8/4 x 6”     A-1  Rough
8/4 x 8”     A-1  Rough

10/4 x 6″   A-1 Rough

1″ x 4″     A-1 S4S

2″ x 4″     A-1 S4S

8/4 Alder Rough


Accoya® wood is an FSC-certified wood product.  It is created by subjecting softwood (and also Alder) to a proprietary acetylation process that permanently modifies the wood to the core. This modification results in an environmentally friendly solid wood with excellent durability, dimensional stability and beauty.  These qualities make Accoya a very good choice for demanding applications such as windows, doors, siding and decking, where wood’s natural beauty is desired, but where it is important that the wood does not warp, twist, bow or split.


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