New Exotic Wood Alert (And It’s On Sale Now): Quarter Sawn Makore

6/4 Highly Figured (Mottled) Makore

Another new species that we have just added to our exotic wood inventory at Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co. is quarter sawn makore. Coming from the west coast of Africa, this tree is large and produces logs up to 5 feet in diameter. The heartwood can vary from pink to rich red-brown, or from a pinkish-red to a blood-red. Makore is somewhat similar to mahogany but with growth lines and pores more similar to cherry. For these reasons, makore has sometimes been sold as “cherry mahogany” but it is not botanically related to either species.

Makore is generally easy to work with but ferrous fastenings should be avoided as it will react when put into direct contact with iron, becoming discolored and stained. It has a fine natural luster, it stains well and it can be brought to an excellent finish. Makore is an excellent choice for any project calling for a fine, quality hardwood. Typical uses of makore include boat building, cabinetmaking, flooring, furniture and joinery. Makore is generally straight grained, but interlocking or wavy grain can occur. The best figured board can have a striking mottled figure and are in extremely high demand. We have some of these highly figured boards to offer. They will all be individually priced based on the amount of figure each board presents.

As we typically do when introducing a new species, we have milled a bundle of 4/4 quarter sawn makore on two sides and one edge (S2S1E) to 3/4″ and are offering this for $5.90 per board foot. The book price on this material is $8.90 per board foot so our introductory sales price represents a savings to you of 33%!! There are only 524 board feet of this material available at this price so get it while you can at a great cost savings to you.