New Exotic Wood Alert: Afrormosia On Sale

We have just received a new truckload of exotic wood and there are so many exciting things to talk about. Several of the species on this load are new to Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co. The first new species that we would like to introduce is afrormosia. Afrormosia is a medium-sizes hardwood tree growing throughout west Africa. It is an attractive wood that is easily worked with both hand and machine tools. Afrormosia closely resembles Burma teak, changing from a yellow color to a warm brown with exposure to air and light. Afrormosia also has similar working and mechanical properties to Burma teak. It is rated as very durable regarding decay resistance and it can be used successfully in outdoor applications. For all these reasons, afrormosia can be used as a substitute for Burma teak, and at about half the price, why not give afrormosia a try.

We have surfaced a bundle of 4/4 afrormosia on two sides and one edge (S2S1E) to 3/4″ and it is available for sale right now. Our regular book price on this is $15.90 per board foot, but we are offering the boards in this one bundle for $10.90 per board foot. This price represents a savings of more than 30% off our regular book price. There are only 446 board feet available at this sale price so come quick and come often to take advantage of this very special price on this very special wood.