Native Texas Pecan Special is Sold Out


Our latest internet special is 1 x 6 S4S native Texas pecan. In fact, pecan is the state tree of Texas. Pecan (Carya illionoensis) is a species of the hickory tree found in the southern part of the United States, west of the Mississippi River. Pecan trees are highly regarded for their edible nuts as well as the valuable lumber that these trees yield. Pecan is among the heaviest and strongest of woods native to the United Sates. Pecan’s sapwood is a very light cream color and the heartwood ranges from a mid-toned brown to a reddish brown with even darker streaks occasionally occurring.

Typical uses of pecan wood are for cabinets, flooring, furniture, plywood, tool handles and decorative veneers.  Pecan wood is also used for sporting goods such as archery equipment and baseball bats.  Typical uses for the tree’s nuts are Texas’ World Famous Pecan Pies. Whatever uses you may have for a top quality hardwood, a native Texas wood to boot, we have you covered.

We have recently milled up another 2,000 linear feet of standard 1 x 6 pecan (3/4″ x 5-1/2″) and we are offering this at the extremely attractive price of $2.50/linear foot. This price is so low that it happens to be the same price of our 1 x 6 paint grade hardwood, poplar, and friends pecan is no paint grade hardwood. Pecan is a show piece worthy stain grade premium hardwood and at $2.50 a linear foot it will not be here long. This price is good on existing stock only and as always, is on a first come first serve basis so get it while the getting is good.  (orig. post 6/1/17)


Native Texas Pecan