Hawaiian Koa

Koa is endemic to Hawaii and grows no where else in the world, it is also a fast growing tree when compared to other Hawaiian trees. It can grow an inch in diameter per year and it can grow to more than 100 feet tall and 6 feet in diameter. Although it is very rare to find trees of that size because of the high demand for koa. The early Hawaiians used koa for making canoes and other things. Today it is used for furniture and many other woodworking and craft items including calabash bowls. Koa has a color that ranges from dark to light brown as well as nice red colors and it can have very curly grain. The wood is heavy, stable and works well. Koai’a- Acacia koai’a- Is another Hawaiian koa that is very rare and it is federally endangered, it resembles koa but it is much shorter, it is a lot like a dwarf version of koa. The wood from koai’a is noticeably harder and denser than koa, the wood has a nice brown color to it.