5/4 Figured Quarter Sawn Aniegre

Figured AniegreWe have acquired a very small quantity of a real rarity, i.e. 5/4 Figured Quarter Sawn Aniegre. There is such a high demand for Figured Quarter Sawn Aniegre in veneer form that almost none ever gets cut into lumber. Somehow, this log slipped by the veneer log buyers and we are happy that it did. This highly lustrous African hardwood is light tan in color with a pronounced wavy figure running through it reminiscent to the figure seen in Tiger Maple. The main uses for Aniegre are furniture, cabinets and high-class joinery (or whatever great project you are working on next). We have less than 200 board feet in stock and as always with these items that get listed on our website, it is going fast. This material is surfaced on two sides and one edge and our price is $30.90 per board foot surfaced.