Lyptus Quarter Sawn Plywood

Coming Soon……………….Lyptus®  Quartered Plywood

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Columbia Forest Products has teamed with Weyerhaeuser to announce enhancements to the Lyptus® hardwood plywood line. The veneer production has been moved to the US allowing even greater control of quality and service levels. The Quarter Sawn and Plain Sliced veneers are both now offered in a blended, more pleasing color range that follows the trends of other exotic species. Most importantly, all panels are still formaldehyde free, featuring soy-based PureBond technology. Whether clear coated or stained, the color, grain and depth of Lyptus face veneers provide a timeless beauty that few other species can match.


  • Made in USA: The logs are now imported then sliced and spliced in the US, allowing for better quality control.
  • Lengths available up to 10′ in QS and limited 10′ availability in the PS.
  • Products available as FSC® Pure for use in either FSC Pure or FSC Mixed panel constructions.
  • Shades: Now will be offered in the medium shade only, with a rich blending of colors. This will help with consistency, availability and lumber matching.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lyptus?

Lyptus is the trademarked name which describes a system of growing, manufacturing, and marketing eucalyptus wood products. Lyptus provides a sustainable harvest of quickly maturing eucalyptus trees to produce high performance hardwood lumber, plywood and veneer. Lyptus hardwood products are an excellent option when selecting an exotic species grown to sustainable forest certification standards. Offering all the benefits expected of a tropical hardwood, Lyptus hardwood is ideal for cabinetry, millwork, furniture, and flooring applications.


Panels Available

  Quarter Sawn Grade A
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What are the environmental attributes of Lyptus?

Lyptus veneer and lumber products come from non-genetically modified, plantation-grown trees which grow quickly and may be harvested within 14-16 years of planting. Lyptus veneer is now available in FSC® certified panel constructions.


What cores types are available?

Lyptus plywood is available in a variety of core options including veneer core, MDF and particleboard. Veneer core hardwood plywood panels are manufactured with PureBond formaldehyde-free technology and meet CARB Phase 2 emissions standards.
Features and Benefits

Lyptus® Color Variations

Lyptus is beautiful and comparable to mahogany and cherry in appearance with a fine grain, dramatic figure and rich color.


Lyptus offers the inherent graining and colorations found only in the most beautiful of exotic hardwoods.


Lyptus is a fast growing and renewable eucalyptus hybrid tree species wood workers prefer for its exotic appearance and workability. Lyptus veneer is now available in FSC certified panel constructions.


Lyptus has a density similar to ash or hickory with a look similar to genuine mahogany, with a cherry color. It machines, sands and finishes well.


Even with its premium looks and PureBond technology, Lyptus is priced favorably compared to many traditional hardwood plywood options.