*** SALE IN PROGRESS *** Our “Wood of the Month” is mesquite, Prosopis glandulosa, also know as honey mesquite. Mesquite is found throughout the more arid regions of the American Southwest, with the highest concentrations found in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The tree is small to medium in stature, with a short… Read more »

Wood of the Month: American Cherry

Heirloom Rocker in cherry and leather by Fine Wooden Interiors

  Our current “Wood of the Month” is American cherry, Prunus serotina, also know as black cherry. American cherry is one of the premier North American hardwoods. It grows throughout the eastern part of the United States with the largest concentration and best quality lumber coming out of New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It’s… Read more »

FLASH SALE!: Purpleheart


UPDATE: THIS SPECIAL IS NOW SOLD OUT, BUT WE DO HAVE OUR USUAL 4/4 AND 8/4 ROUGH AND S2S1e PURPLEHEART STILL AVAILABLE. THIS IS ALWAYS ONE OF OUR TOP-SELLING EXOTIC SPECIES. (8/23/17) Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co. is having a flash sale on purpleheart! This is a wood that is very familiar to most woodworkers so… Read more »