FLASH SALE!: Purpleheart


Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co. is having a flash sale on purpleheart! This is a wood that is very familiar to most woodworkers so I will get right to the point. We have 123 board feet of 3/4″ S2S1E material that we are offering at $6.00/board foot. This price even includes the milling. This price is… Read more »

An American Original: Figured Black Walnut

American Black Walnut slabs showing figured hardwood.

American Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra) is highly prized by woodworkers and furniture makers for its heartwood color of deep chocolate, its distinctive grain patterns, and its superior working characteristics. We recently acquired a load of figured black walnut, each piece exhibiting unique patterns of knots, ripples, swirls, and waves. Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co. of Houston,… Read more »

Snakewood Is In the House!

After months of waiting, our shipment of snakewood has finally arrived, and if I may say so myself, the wait has not been in vain.  This snakewood, which is being offered on a strictly first come, first served basis, is absolutely beautiful. I’m talking about the best, most highly figured snakewood you will ever find… Read more »

Our New Exotic: Spalted Tamarind

4/4 Spalted Tamarind is now in stock at Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Company.. Come get yours now. The figure in this material is out of this world. The black lines that run at random throughout Spalted Tamarind are the result of fungal growth inside the wood. The patterns that the fungus makes are what makes this… Read more »

5/4 Figured Quarter Sawn Aniegre

We have acquired a very small quantity of a real rarity, i.e. 5/4 Figured Quarter Sawn Aniegre. There is such a high demand for Figured Quarter Sawn Aniegre in veneer form that almost none ever gets cut into lumber. Somehow, this log slipped by the veneer log buyers and we are happy that it did.… Read more »

Hardwood Slabs

Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Company is proud to offer an exciting assortment of hardwood slabs. Kiln dries (6-8%), planed and finely sanded, each piece is beautiful and unique. Whether it be a coffee table, end table, dining table or boardroom table, a one of a kind piece of furniture awaits to be made. Our current inventory… Read more »