Slabs of The Month

  Today we are proud to bring to you our two new “Slabs of the Month”, freshly stocked and ready to take home for Christmas! Our first slab is made of hearty Figured Walnut, measuring 2”x 26”x 78”.  It originates from the Appalachian Mountain Region and is smaller in comparison to most of our other… Read more »

Wood of the Month: American Cherry

Heirloom Rocker in cherry and leather by Fine Wooden Interiors

  Our current “Wood of the Month” is American cherry, Prunus serotina, also know as black cherry. American cherry is one of the premier North American hardwoods. It grows throughout the eastern part of the United States with the largest concentration and best quality lumber coming out of New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It’s… Read more »

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

  Cupressus nootkatensis   The Alaskan Yellow Cedar grows along the Pacific coast of North America from Oregon up into Canada and Alaska.  It thrives in moist climates and it is only found along these coastal areas. Yellow Cedar grows slowly and in such a way that shows little distinction between early wood and late wood rings.… Read more »

Wood Slabs of the Month

Spalted Pecan Slab

  We are featuring two wood slabs this month, both of equal uniqueness and character. The first, a Southern original, Pecan that is not only figured, but Spalted in many areas as well. The grain boasts deep chocolate contrast and subtle black and grey patterns. It’s 3″ x 28″ – 8’6″, much larger than your… Read more »

An American Original: Figured Black Walnut

American Black Walnut slabs showing figured hardwood.

American Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra) is highly prized by woodworkers and furniture makers for its heartwood color of deep chocolate, its distinctive grain patterns, and its superior working characteristics. We recently acquired a load of figured black walnut, each piece exhibiting unique patterns of knots, ripples, swirls, and waves. Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co. of Houston,… Read more »

Snakewood Is In the House!

After months of waiting, our shipment of snakewood has finally arrived, and if I may say so myself, the wait has not been in vain.  This snakewood, which is being offered on a strictly first come, first served basis, is absolutely beautiful. I’m talking about the best, most highly figured snakewood you will ever find… Read more »