Black Limba

-Limba, Black- Terminalia superba Family: Combretaceae, the combretum family. Origin: Limba grows in savannah and rain forests all over west Africa from Sierra Leone to Angola and the Congo. Other common names: Korina, afara, ofram, akom, frake. The tree: It is normally a tall tree with a straight bole reaching heights of 130 to 150… Read more »

Figured and Rift Sawn English Sycamore

Figured and Rift Sawn English Sycamore is a member of the maple family and is found throughout Europe. This lumber is often used for violins, cellos, basses, and violas. It is often quartered which is required for musical instruments. English sycamore is also used extensively for architectural millwork when designers want a very light colored lumber,… Read more »


Ziricote also known as Ciricote, this rare species is only found in a small portion of Central America on the Caribbean coast.   Beautiful spider-webbing is present with amazing  patterns.  The variegated stripes produce valleys, plateaus, & mountains that make a stunning landscape figure.   Trees are commonly 15-20″ in diameter with heights of 45-75′. The tree… Read more »

Keruing (Apitong) Lumber

Keruing (Apitong) lumber in stock   6/4 x 8  Standard & Better 8/4 x 8  Standard & Better 8/4 x 12  Standard & Better   Keruing is an outstanding choice for truck beds or trailer decking.