Facilities & Equipment

Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co. with Interstate 10 and the Houston skyline in the background

Clark's Hardwood office in the Houston Heights.

Our office building since 1946

The first thing our customers usually notice when arriving at Clark’s is our “quaint” Quonset-hut-type office building, the only original structure remaining from 1946 when our company opened its doors for business as C.R. Delhomme Lumber Co.  While we readily concede that this building is unlikely to be capturing any architectural-design innovation awards, to us it symbolizes our seven continuous decades of providing premium hardwood lumber and other building materials and fine service to our customers in Houston, Texas and beyond.  You may have noticed this office building reflected in our company logo.

Most of our several warehouses are open to our customers for browsing our large selection of hardwoods, softwoods, exotic woods, plywood and other sheet goods, slabs and mantels, and moulding.  (Those restricted to employees-only are used for bulk storage of bundles of lumber and plywood.)  Retail customers in particular enjoy our section of “shorts bins,” where we stock pieces of lumber less than 4′ long that we sell at 50% of the per board foot or per linear foot price of longer pieces of the same species.  (This discount does not apply to our exotic lumber inventory, which we do not stock in our shorts bins.)

In addition, Clark’s operates a complete industrial millwork facility on site.  Our capabilities include S4S, S2S1E, S2S, S1E, sanding, gang ripping and other milling operations.  We produce virtually all of our extensive inventory of S4S and S2S1E lumber in our mill.  We are also expert manufacturers of moulding, either selecting from our moulding/siding/flooring library of over 2,000 profiles or matching any profile not in our library.  Bring us your profile, tell us which lumber species you want, and we will have your custom moulding ready for you in short order.  We also have an arch moulder for the production of non-linear moulding.  Our topnotch millwork staff has many decades of industrial milling and professional woodworking experience with all species of lumber, and you will not find higher-quality milled lumber or moulding products than those created here by our staff.

Come visit us if you are in the Houston area.