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When customers call us, there is a high chance that the person answering the phone will be Steve, Pete, Ernie or James.  These sales professionals at Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co. have many decades of combined experience in the hardwood lumber and building materials industries.   (One of them has worked for us over 35 years, and another one for over 25 years.  They still pale in comparison with one of our millworkers, who has been at Clark’s for over 41 years.)  This means that in most cases, the person answering the call can provide accurate information, quote prices and availability, and take care of all the customer’s needs without having to transfer the call to someone else.  Our customers appreciate this direct access to our knowledgeable, seasoned sales staff.  Try them out for yourself.  Great service and great products usually result in satisfied customers.



The high quality of the products manufactured in our mill is a direct result of the exacting standards held by our head of mill operations, Vejdi Avsar.  Vejdi brings unique qualifications to his position.  He trained for four years at the London City and Guilds Advanced Craft Furniture Making program.  After moving from London to Houston in the early 1990s, he set up his successful fine furniture making workshop in the Heights, where he soon became a loyal customer of ours.  Vejdi offers two primary reasons he bought his lumber from us rather than our competitors: he found that the quality of our lumber was higher, and he found that the ability to select the exact pieces he wanted for his projects, available at Clark’s, was not allowed at some of the other companies.

In addition to his furniture-making career, Vejdi also built homes in the Houston area.  Thus, he is well acquainted with the mindset and needs of two important but different segments of our professional customer base.  He understands that the priorities of homebuilders and furniture makers are not identical, but that they both need high-quality products.

After a bit of cajoling, we were able to convince Vejdi to bring his skill and experience onboard to our mill operations.  Our customers are now the prime beneficiaries of the meticulous standards of excellence that he demands in our custom moulding and other manufactured wood products.